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Free up time, cash, and resources with the right benefits strategy.
It's benefits management made easy.

What benefits management headaches? New England Medical's experienced pro’s handle it all!

  • The Lowest Rates Available
  • Deep Insurance Industry Knowledge
  • Incredible Personal Service

With over 35 years of experience helping employers in New England purchase, manage, and implement cost-effective benefit plans, you can be assured that our team will work tirelessly to keep costs to a minimum with innovative plan designs and funding arrangements.

The right broker does make the difference!

As a business owner or CEO, your time and expertise is best utilized running operations and monitoring profits. Employee benefits, however, are likely your 2nd highest cost after salaries

Selecting a trusted expert to ensure that you have the right benefit plans at the right costs takes the burden out of benefits management.

Helping you navigate Federal changes in healthcare that could affect your business.

With the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry, businesses are continuously subject to new coverage requirements. New England Medical Insurance Agency constantly monitors these changes with many resources both locally and on the federal level to keep our clients well-informed. As a result, our clients are better prepared to make necessary adjustments to their benefit plans ahead of their competition.

Bringing a more personal approach to helping you find ways to save on medical insurance and more.

Bottom Line: We Deliver Savings. New England Medical Insurance Agency and our team of professionals can be a fresh set of eyes on your current plan designs and pricing. We have consistently shown businesses ways to lower costs and improve service. The benefit premium savings we provide for our clients go straight to their bottom lines.

Helping you predict, control, and manage insurance benefits costs per employee.

Our extensive experience and relationships with the insurance industry enable us to work with clients to examine various scenarios, helping companies like yours more accurately predict and plan for future costs with a 2-5 year outlook.

New England Medical can help you navigate a growing workforce, and unexpected growth.

When an organization expands, one of the most cost-intensive aspects is benefits coverage. We can help you navigate periods of growth from a benefits perspective to enhance recruitment incentives while minimizing benefits costs per employee.